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Exceptional Products

Vet-approval is key. Unlike other shops, we send our products to two separate vets before making them accessible on our shop. Only after receiving a positive report and testing their quality on our own dogs, we publish them in our stores. Every single product.

Expert Content

Let’s be honest, we are no researchers, but we read a lot about animal health, pet training and basically anything that has to do with dogs. All this information is accessible in a summed-up version through our newsletter. All of it is free and there for you, whenever you need it.  

Extraordinary Service

 Making you happy is as important as making your dog happy. That’s why we stand by our 100% Happiness Guarantee: if you’re order has any kind of damage or the like, you can return your item within 90 days for a brand new one – no questions asked. It’s as simple as that.

our impact

☆ How We’re Making the World ☆
A Better Place for Pups

We’re wholeheartedly determined to bring about the revolution that stands behind a single aim of making this world a better place for pups! Let’s join paws to stand in union with our pup companions.

As a group of dedicated pet parents, we provide a wide range of newly invented, creative, and exciting products that help further the nourishment and well being of your pup. Our purpose is to create a more benign, safe, and secure place for our canine companions.

Formydoggy aims to act as a valuable resource in creating a more dog-friendly planet. We hope that by pioneering a positive and supportive online initiative, we can assist make it easier for your pup to become one of the happiest and healthiest family members.